Gunpowder Plot 400th anniversary

Gunpowder Plot

Gunpowder, treason and plot . .

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Celebrations - The Guy Fawkes Carnivals and the Illuminated Carnivals of the South West.
November 5th

The Gunpowder Plot

Parliament - House of Commons Information Office Factsheet
As you might expect, coming from the source closest to the event this is a comprehensive document about the Gunpowder Plot.
The Gunpowder Plot - House of Commons

FAQ on the 1605 event. Includes a profile of Guy Fawkes.
Gunpowder Plot
Learn about Guy Fawkes and the 1605 plot to destroy Parliament. Includes a time-line, accounts of the plot, and historical background.
Gunpowder Plot - Background
Presents detailed information about Catholic disenchantment and political uncertainty in early seventeenth century England.
Gunpowder Plot - Britannia
Describes the foiled 1604 plot by disgruntled Catholics to destroy parliament, kill the king and take over the government.
Guy Fawkes - Treason in 1605
Offers analysis of the religious strife that led to the plot, and includes profiles of pivotal figures. Includes a selection of illustrations. - Powder Plotters Arraigned
Short account of the trial of the conspirators on January 27, 1606. Includes details of their punishment for the act of treason.

Guy Fawkes A biography with an online bookshop with every book on Guy Fawkes currently published in the UK available for sale. A site about British life which includes Guy Fawkes as an important historical figure
Guy Fawkes - the Plot and Bonfire Night
St Peters - Fawkes' school
Wikiverse 'a world of knowledge'
Wikipedia - another wiki
Metaweb - another wiki
Gunpowder Plot
A festivals site with a section on Guy Fawkes NIght