Gunpowder Plot 400th anniversary

Gunpowder Plot 400th anniversary

Gunpowder Plot
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The Gunpowder Plot

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The chief conspirators in alphabetical order:

Thomas Bate Robert Keyes Thomas Wintour
Robert Catesby Thomas Percy Christopher Wright
Everard Digby Ambrose Rookwood John Wright
Guy Fawkes Francis Tresham  
John Grant Robert Wintour  

Read about their roles in the Gunpowder Plot:

Thomas Wintour(or Winter)

Born in 1571, Wintour is known to be one of the original instigators of the Gunpowder Plot along with Robert Catesby, his cousin, and John Wright. He was the younger brother of Robert Wintour, another of the co-conspirators.

Wintour proposed a mission to King Philip of Spain to request aid in order to relieve the plight of English Catholics, but the Spanish refused assistance. Therefore, Wintour undertook a search for Guy Fawkes, who was known to be skilful as a miner and had distinguished himself on the continent in the Spanish Army. It was Wintour who located Fawkes and brought him back to England.

Upon discovery of the plot, Wintour fled to the Midlands in the company of Robert Catesby, where they met up with the rest of their party in Warwickshire. After a failed attempt to rally support, the group travelled for three days before reaching Holbeche House. Initially wounded in the courtyard of Holbeche, both Wintour and Ambrose Rookwood were taken away to London and imprisoned in the Tower, where they were questioned and tortured. After a brief trial in January of 1606, Wintour was hung, drawn and quartered on the last day of that month in the Old Palace Yard, Westminster, along with Rookwood, Robert Keyes and Guy Fawkes.

Christopher Wright

Born in 1570 in Welwick, Yorkshire, Christopher Wright (also known as "Kit") was the younger brother of John Wright, another of the co-conspirators. It is thought that he may have been a schoolmate of Guy Fawkes at St. Peter's school in York

He was recruited as a participant in the plot some time after Christmas of 1605 (at the same time as Robert Wintour and John Grant) in order to help his brother with the initial tunnelling beneath Parliament.

After discovery of the plot, Wright was dispatched by Thomas Wintour to warn Thomas Percy. He was among the number killed outright at Holbeche House, where he had fled in the company of Percy. He was shot in the courtyard along with his brother John, Ambrose Rookwood and Thomas Wintour.

John Wright

Born on January 13, 1568 at Plowland Hall in Holderness, John Wright (also known as "Jack") was the older brother of Christopher ("Kit") Wright, another of the plotters, and related to the Wintour brothers, Robert Keyes and Ambrose Rookwood - all fellow-conspirators in the Gunpowder Plot.

Believed to be one of the finest swordsmen of his day, the part Wright played in the attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament is somewhat unclear but he was, it appears, the third to be initiated into the Gunpowder Plot around May of 1604 and an active participant in all its events. It was Wright and Thomas Wintour who introduced Guy Fawkes to the Gunpowder plot.

Caught at Holbeche House, he was shot in the courtyard along with his brother Christopher, Thomas Wintour and Ambrose Rookwood. Wright is believed to have been mortally wounded in the assault, but "lingered for a day, if not longer."

Some of the plotters are depicted in the page header, derived from a contemorary woodcut (l to r):
Everard Digby, Robert Winter, Christopher Wright, John Wright, Thomas Percy, Guy Fawkes, Robert Catesby, Thomas Winter